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3rd International Biomeiler & Thermo Compost Congress October 2018, Germany Leipzig

Freitag, 5. Okt 2018 - Sonntag, 7. Okt 2018
Dear Biomeiler friends, We would like to invite you to the 3nd International Biomeiler and Thermo Compost Conference. It is the first time open to the public and the enthausiastik lovers of the thermo compost. The previous years only experts have been invited, since we did sort the ground to go forward. Since the past years have shown that the Biomeiler, invented in the 70tes by Jean Pain and translated to our time by several enthausiast since 2010, is getting a lot of attention. The purpose of the conference is that we exchange our experiences of thermo compost systems, share knowledge, make new friends and enjoy good food and talks. The fun of the 2nd Conference, to see video, klick here Long version, 15min with individual statements short version, 4min "impression" We all were involved in the creation of at least one biomeiler, and we all have these thoughts that things could have been done different. But how? And what would other do? How good is the compost? What is the best source material? How much energy did it produce? All these questions will be addresed. Friday 05th of October from 15:00 get together of Biomeiler related organisations. Starting "welcome dinner" from 19:00 all participants (location to be named) Saturday 06th of October from 09:00 the conference starts until late, open end Sunday 07th of October from 10:00 conference until 16:00 The conference will be at: Leipzig, Germany, location will be finalised soon easy to reach by tram from the main Trainstation easy to reach from the Leipzig Airport Accommodation: A good number of B&B accomodations are close by. Dormitory beds are starting as little as € 14 Conference Tickets include: Welcome Friday night ("fingerfood" included) Event "Gala Dinner" Saturday Lunch at Green House Nursery East Attend all speeches and events Bring in international speakers Event language: English, German / English, Italian / English translation will be available "Call for Papers" please send your paper if you would like to fill a speeking slot of 15min and like to share your projekt experiance! submit at info@native-power.de Agenda Friday 5th of October 16:00 Arriving at Leipzig and get together 19:00 Offical welcome and „fingerfood“, drinks and a good round of talks Open end Venue: at Bayerischer Bahnhof, Bayrischer Platz 1, www.bayerischer-bahnhof.de Tram No. 2,9,16 Bus No. 60 Saturday 6th of October Venue: will be announced shortly 09:00 offical opening oft the 3rd Biomeiler and Thermocompost Congress by Saverio Danubio in behalf oft he organizer Country specific aktions and developments 09:15 Summery of the Biomiler group of Holland, Arie van Ziel 09:30 Summery of the Biomeiler group of Chile, Latain America, Rodolfo Fuentes Perry 09:45 Summery of the Biomeiler group of Italy, to be named 10:00 Summery of the Biomeiler Group of Germany, Heiner Cuhls 10:15Coffe breake Projekt introductions 11:30 Introduction of the Scientific Biomeiler Project Leipzig, Heiner Cuhls / Nele Müller 12:00 Large data collection and mesurement system from the Biomeiler installation Leipzig Helmich de Lange 12:45 Lunch breake 14:00 Introduction of the Biomeiler Project at land development Chile, Rodolfo Fuentes Perry 14:45 „Turbo Biomeiler“ project Holland, Jurrien Baretta 15:30 presentation projects at Holland, Worm Compost and more Biomeiler, Arie van Ziel, Peter-Jan Brouwer 16:15 breake 17:15 Biogas/Biomeiler hybrid System experiance, Andre Brugnolli 17:45 Biomeiler experiance, Paolo Dallai 18:15 A 360 degree story from Biomeiler, Compost, Algie, Waterlenses to Aquaponic Systems, Tim Lohff, Biolap Grevesmühlen 19:00 Minibiomeiler experiance and thesis of Paolo Zampieri 19:30 Experiance of 2 Biomeiler at Stünzel, will it be a 3rd one in the future, Frank Scholtens 20:00 Dinner Sunday 7th of October Venue: same than Saturday to be announced 09:30 Summery of